Commerce means

We aim to cater to all the commerce students with various preferences under one roof, the philosophy of PPA Is to provide state of the art infrastructure as well as mentorship to aspirants willing the carve their journey into the Commerce field.

Thus we have provided guidance to all the major academic courses related to commerce, right from CA to ACCA. When you choose PPA you have chosen a committed team of commerce enthusiastic who will be accompanying your educational jourey.

Graduation Segment

11th Commerce (FYJC)

We at PPA believe that 11th Commerce (FYJC) is an opportunity to create a strong foundation of students leading towards a great career. To help the students for the versatile growth the extra curricular activities
like the Bank Visit, Industrial Visit are arranged for PPAians.

12th Commerce (SYJC)

The year of 12th Comes up with the hard core efforts towards the Board Exams. It is power packed with the on the filed expericne like                        Share Market Visit.
The Quiz Contest , 10 days Tally course are the add ons for all PPAians.


The Extensive efforts are taken at FY B Com Level to help students to learn the practical application of the knowledge like Visit to CA office and understanding the accounting process followed by them.

It is the base for the TY B Com exams so the extra efforts are taken by PPA to help the students to learn maximum practical things like interview techniques.

This is the final level of Graduation! The score matters here! The hardcore efforts are taken to help students to gain the perfect knowledge which ultimately result in the best score. Here the focus of PPA is to make them job ready!

CA Segment

CA Foundation

PPA is Known to be the King of the professional exams! For last 18 years PPA leads in the results of all 3 levels of CA Exams. The PPA students do not wait for clearance of 12th Exam to start preparing for CA Foundation rather they start preparing for CA Exams immdiatley alongwith 11th preperations. PPA belives in creating the storng base for the further 3 levels of CA exams right from the 1st day the students enter in the academy.The strong conceptual base and the hard core practice gives the amazing resutls inCA Exams. The Latest on line support throgh PPA’s own App “PPA Direct” works amazing for the students.

CA Intermediate

What an amzing class this level posses! PPA students enjoy a lot at this level. ALmost 6 to 8 new subjects are introduced to them and the expert educators help the students to reach the new heights of knowledge at thislevels. The sessions are knowledge filled and stil enjoyable! It goes without saying that the satisfaction at each stage of this level leads to perfect results. The knowledge and life skills shared by PPA educators help the students to perform best not only at CA Final level but also in their practical training under CAs called articleship! The PPA Direct app is ofcourse there to support them!

CA Final

This the the last level in CA Course! The final destination! The Institute expect the students to deal with the utmost maturity and thus handling these students is a real challenge for Team PPA and ofcousre the challnge enrgises the educators like anything. THe net effect is that we have a long list of students who joined PPA in 11th and completed the CA Career in the shortest possible time from PPA itself!

CS Segment

CS Executive

The 2nd level of CS Career. Filled with lot of knowledge especially relating to laws! The educators need to be alert & updated as every week a new ammendment may arise! The future law experts expcet the teachers to be so and Team PPA is ofcourse always on toes for them! The results of PPA at CS Excutive level of course set new bar evevry time! The PPA Direct app makes that journey easier!

CS Professional

The Apex level! The students here work at the peak of the subjects and thus the teachers too need to be very alert! The “Legal Doctors’ are taking shape here The educators at CS Professional level help the students to explore the world from the point of view of a Company Secretary! The result ofcourse are amzing but the best part is that Team PPA helps to create a strong leagal base for the country!

CMA Segment

CMA Foundation

CMAs are known for their expertise in Costing segment. The Foundation level helps students to create a strong base of costing and management accounting. Obviously Team PPA needs to take a big responsibility on its shoulder to help these students to learn many new concepts. The dedication of PPA educators and the hardwork of students has resulted in the record breaking results in CMA Foundation exam. Of course PPA Direct App is the favourite buddy for these students in this journey!

CMA Intermediate

CMA Inter is the connecting link between the foundation and final exam. It comes up with lots of new subjects and concepts. Teaching the foundation passed students at such a level is the real challnge for Team PPA and of course for them every challenge comes up with lots of motivation. The net result is the successful students and proud parents! The journey becomes more intresting with PPA Direct App!

CMA Final

The final destination in the journey of CMA! The real cost accountants are waiting to rock the floor now! Their hunger for knowledge as well as the expectations from teachers and students by the Institute is very high! The PPA educators reach to the peak of the knowledge and help students to grab their dream goal! No wonder the results are amazing at this challenging level also!

ACCA (UK) Segment

Fundamental Level / Konwledge Level

Appearing for such an international exam is not an easy cake so as teaching at
this level. The students right from 11th Commerce level appear for this level so teaching them the concepts in costing, audit is a real fun! As usual, team PPA is ever ready to accept such challneges and is moving towards the historic result in this fresh segment added as a new feather to the cap of PPA!
PPA Direct app is the best buddy for ACCA students too!

Skill Level

The 2nd level of ACCA (UK). Being the international exam, the scope of all the subjects automatically gets widened! The teachers need to work at 200% of their capacity. The intresting quarries raised by the students gears up the educators to work harder. Moving towards the historic results now! PPA Direct app is as usual helping the students a lot!

Professional Level

As the name indicates, this level is the apex level of ACCA and assures the students to reach the new heights of his/her career once the level is clear! The subjects here are case study based and expect the student to think from the point of view of the top management and of course comes up with the new challenges for educators for which Team PPA is always ready. This level gives lot of satisfaction as PPA helps the students to achieve the biggest that too international career aspiration!
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