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Brief History

A small sapling was planted seventeen years ago, when we started off with just three students which has over the years grown into a giant 'Wisdom Tree' which shelters, hones and helps fulfill the dreams that these seekers of knowledge cherish.


We sow a small plant 17 years ago, with just three students, and now it had grown up to become a giant banyan tree today. We witnessed twinkle in the eyes thousands of students who came here and now proudly see them accomplishing their dreams and holding powerful positions in the society. PPAPL is a place for dreamers who have enough firepower to see them through.
Team PPA recognises talent and propels our students towards the direction of achieving their dreams. It’s a place where hard work and consistency is respected and dreams are nurtured. Every teacher in ‘Team PPA’  is a dreamer and trained through a gruelling methods to teach students. They are devoted to teach intricacies of the subject by giving personal attention to each student and also to instil moral values in him or her. So, our teachers are not just tutors here but they become role models for the students. That’s why every 11th standard student entering in PPAPL leaves not just as an accomplished professional but also as a responsible citizen and of course as a member of this growing PPAPL family.
PPAPL is an institute who processes the diamonds and helps them realize their true form and brilliance.

Directors' thoughts

Life is dull without challenges. I love challenges and like wrestle with them. You can’t progress if you  shy away from a challenging situation. When I came to Nashik after passing my 10th from Mumbai, I had dreams to become a commerce professional. But didn’t find any professional help or classes which could help me realise my dreams. So I took the challeng of training myself on me. I experimented with various methods and completed my CA and ICWA, and went on to finish my CIMA from UK. Those years taught me a great deal about self discipline and I decided to use my experiences to establish an institute that will prepare students for professional exams, and thus I started PPAPL with an aim to give professional guidance to students. I believe every student is an unpolished and unique gem. It’s our jobs as teachers to recognise the brilliance of each student and make him or her shine in the competition. I consider it’s my duty to make them find their true place by not just enlightening them with knowledge but also with the moral values.
CA Yogesh Panchakshari
Director, Professional Segment

Commerce Career Guidance Seminar 2nd June, 8th June

for 11th Aspirants and their parents
Sunday 2nd June

Nehru Garden | Parshuram Saikhedkar Hall | 10 am
Nasik road | Hotel Grape City |  10 am
Indiranagar | PPA branch, Above HDFC bank |  10 am
Gangapur road | Kusumagraj Hall | Evening 5:30 pm  
Saturday 8th June
College Road | NBT Law College |  5 pm
Nasik road | Hotel Grape City |  5 pm
Indiranagar | PPA branch, Above HDFC bank |  5 pm